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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 80s 90s Family Sitcom Featuring The Olsen Twins
Solution: Full house

Question: Ability Of A Gem To Show Two Different Colors
Solution: Dichroism

Question: Antonym Of Childhood
Solution: Adulthood

Question: Causes Blood To Thicken
Solution: Coagulant

Question: Cut This From Under Someones Feet To Weaken Them
Solution: The ground

Question: Decorative Pieces Worn On The Collarbone
Solution: Necklaces

Question: Desert Twister Vacuum Cleaner Brand
Solution: Dirt devil

Question: Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton First Joint Film
Solution: Cleopatra

Question: Gnosiophobia Is The Fear Of This
Solution: Knowledge

Question: Heavenly
Solution: Celestial

Question: Jewelry Pieces Worn On The Collarbone
Solution: Necklaces

Question: Kitchen Machine
Solution: Appliance

Question: Nickname For The Lunar Roving Vehicle
Solution: Moon buggy

Question: Not Under Control
Solution: Out of hand

Question: Object Shaped Like Small Water Vessel For Sauce
Solution: Gravy boat

Question: Obstruction Of A Tube Or Opening In The Body
Solution: Occlusion

Question: One Who Feeds Your Animals
Solution: Pet sitter

Question: Pompous With A Gassy Digestive System
Solution: Flatulent

Question: Section Of The Cheap Seats
Solution: Nosebleed

Question: Snippets Of Music Heard On Mobile Devices
Solution: Ringtones

Question: St Petersburgs Former Name In 1914
Solution: Petrograd

Question: Their Job Is To Check Tickets On A Bus Or Train
Solution: Conductor

Question: Things That Are Left Out Or Not Mentioned
Solution: Omissions

Question: Tool That Collects And Analyzes Data In Formula 1
Solution: Telemeter

Question: Zoological Term For A Pouched Mammal
Solution: Marsupial

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