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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1993 Romantic Comedy In Seattle
Solution: Sleepless

Question: Aztec Ruler Who Was Stoned To Death
Solution: Montezuma

Question: Belief In Magic Witchcraft And The Supernatural
Solution: Occultism

Question: City Where The Cuyahoga River Is Located
Solution: Cleveland

Question: Cosmetic Procedure To Lift And Tighten The Stomach
Solution: Tummy tuck

Question: Cosmetic Stomach Skin Surgery
Solution: Tummy tuck

Question: Dancing With No Choreography
Solution: Freestyle

Question: Engaged In Conflict
Solution: Embattled

Question: First Prime Minister Under Queen Elizabeth
Solution: Churchill

Question: Machine Creates A Plastic Coating For Protection
Solution: Laminator

Question: Parboiling To Make Paler
Solution: Blanching

Question: Parboiling To Remove Color Or Odor
Solution: Blanching

Question: Searching Investigating Detective Work
Solution: Sleuthing

Question: Skin Of An Equine Used For Leather
Solution: Horsehide

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