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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Art Technique Of Creating A Design Using Acid
Solution: Etching

Question: Belgian City Hit By Huge Diamond Heist In 2003
Solution: Antwerp

Question: Contempt Showing Disregard To A Legal Hearing
Solution: Of court

Question: Dry Dusty Wind Blowing From North Africa To Europe
Solution: Sirocco

Question: Fill The Air With Fumes
Solution: Pollute

Question: Gathered Together Accumulated
Solution: Accrued

Question: Its Not True
Solution: Fiction

Question: James Bonds Early Nemesis
Solution: Blofeld

Question: Large Tuba Carried Over The Shoulders
Solution: Helicon

Question: Meandering Twisting Like A Reptile
Solution: Snaking

Question: Neapolitan Flavor
Solution: Vanilla

Question: Person Who Performs The Islamic Call To Prayer
Solution: Muezzin

Question: President Assassinated While Sitting In Theater
Solution: Lincoln

Question: Shy Companion Of Snow White
Solution: Bashful

Question: Spouts At The End Pipes Eg Petrol Pumps
Solution: Nozzles

Question: This Citys NBA Team Is The Magic
Solution: Orlando

Question: To Make A Photo Bigger
Solution: Enlarge

Question: Various Types Forms Array Of Different Cultures
Solution: Diverse

Question: Where Figure Skaters Go To Train
Solution: Ice rink

Question: Where The Merry Wives Were From
Solution: Windsor

Question: Ctrl
Solution: Zoom out

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