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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Andreas German Leader Of Red Army Faction
Solution: Baader

Question: Arthurs Isle Where His Body Is Taken After Death
Solution: Avalon

Question: Canadian Province That Introduced The Dish Poutine
Solution: Quebec

Question: Childrens Board Game And Ladders
Solution: Chutes

Question: Coldest
Solution: Iciest

Question: Country Where Brie Cheese Originated
Solution: France

Question: Cote D Official Name Of The Ivory Coast
Solution: Ivoire

Question: Fruit Flavor Used In Kriek Belgian Beer
Solution: Cherry

Question: Has A Tendency To Be Unwell Frequently
Solution: Sickly

Question: Illness That Claimed Pavarotti At Age 71
Solution: Cancer

Question: Inflated Mechanically Like A Bicycle Tire
Solution: Pumped

Question: Novel By Phillipa Gregory The Other Girl
Solution: Boleyn

Question: Old British Silver Coin Worth Two Shillings
Solution: Florin

Question: Only American Country With Equator And A Tropic
Solution: Brazil

Question: Previous Convictions
Solution: Priors

Question: Put A Worm On A Fishing Hook
Solution: Baited

Question: Shuts Up Shop
Solution: Closes

Question: Smart Jacket School Uniform Requisite
Solution: Blazer

Question: Son Of Zeus Known As Messenger Of The Gods
Solution: Hermes

Question: Use These For Shaving
Solution: Razors

Question: Nation Autobiographical Book And Film
Solution: Prozac

Question: Calf Killed When The Prodigal Son Returns
Solution: Fatted

Question: Hound Short Legged Scent Dog Aka A Hush Puppy
Solution: Basset

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