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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Very Good Looking Man
Solution: Handsome

Question: Acclaimed Military Drama Film From Here To
Solution: Eternity

Question: Baked Egg Whites With Sugar
Solution: Meringue

Question: Barcelona Avenue Popular With Tourists
Solution: La rambla

Question: Describes T Shirts That Are Not Short
Solution: Longline

Question: Dont Judge A Book By This
Solution: Its cover

Question: Extinct Reptile
Solution: Dinosaur

Question: Extremely Shocking Wicked Act
Solution: Atrocity

Question: Football Position In The Centre Of A Pitch
Solution: Midfield

Question: Man Who Attempted To Kill Reagan John Jr
Solution: Hinckley

Question: Person Caring For Animals On A Film Set
Solution: Wrangler

Question: Person Who Defends Set Of Ideas Certain Person
Solution: Adherent

Question: Preparing Yourself Mentally To Think Clearly
Solution: Psyching

Question: Shunned Avoided Abstained From
Solution: Eschewed

Question: Strongly Berated
Solution: Assailed

Question: Strongly Criticized
Solution: Assailed

Question: Study Of Nutrition Diet
Solution: Sitology

Question: The Part Of A Fist You Punch With
Solution: Knuckles

Question: X Factor Judge And Cohost On The Talk Sharon
Solution: Osbourne

Question: Acid Another Name For Vitamin C
Solution: Ascorbic

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