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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Father Of Genetics Austrian Scientist Gregor
Solution: Mendel

Question: 39th US President
Solution: Carter

Question: Annual Nov 5 British Celebration Guy Night
Solution: Fawkes

Question: Basket Of Rocks Used For Erosion Control
Solution: Gabion

Question: Brand Of Glass Cleaner
Solution: Windex

Question: Extra Material Sewn Into A Garment To Add Strength
Solution: Gusset

Question: Extra Material Sewn Into A Seam To Strengthen It
Solution: Gusset

Question: Falling Down And Feigning A Knockout
Solution: Diving

Question: Filming Location Apartment With No Bedroom
Solution: Studio

Question: Hard Gray Rocks Turned Tools In Prehistoric Times
Solution: Flints

Question: Important Jobs You Run To Do
Solution: Errand

Question: Mountain In Turkey Possible Site Of Noahs Ark
Solution: Ararat

Question: Order Of Words To Form A Meaningful Sentence
Solution: Syntax

Question: Sleepy
Solution: Drowsy

Question: Starmix And Tangfastics Sweetmakers
Solution: Haribo

Question: Tidying Fallen Leaves
Solution: Raking

Question: Waterfowl Nickname Of Canadian Dollar
Solution: Loonie

Question: Dazzle Showy Show Business And Jazz Hands
Solution: Razzle

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