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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Member Of An Organized Gang Of Violent Criminals
Solution: Mobster

Question: Apple Viennese Pastry Very Popular
Solution: Strudel

Question: Big Hitting Batter In Baseball
Solution: Slugger

Question: Capsicums Eg Bell Or Cayenne
Solution: Peppers

Question: Checkpoint Famous Cold War Crossing In Berlin
Solution: Charlie

Question: Conceptions Of Or Beliefs About Something
Solution: Notions

Question: East German Currency Prior To Reunification
Solution: Ostmark

Question: Film With Most Nominations For The Oscars In 2013
Solution: Lincoln

Question: First US City To Serve Coca Cola
Solution: Atlanta

Question: Gabriel Marquez Novel Love In The Time Of
Solution: Cholera

Question: Intentionally Not Paid Attention To
Solution: Ignored

Question: Jed Martin Sheen As Leader Of The Free World
Solution: Bartlet

Question: Main Group Of Cyclists
Solution: Peloton

Question: Payment To An Ex Spouse Ordered By A Court
Solution: Alimony

Question: Protects Financially
Solution: Insures

Question: Serving No Purpose
Solution: Useless

Question: Small Brazilian State Maceio Is The Capital
Solution: Alagoas

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