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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Flight Where The Destination Is Not Far Away
Solution: Short haul

Question: Adjective Causing Dependency On A Substance
Solution: Addictive

Question: Device To Keep A Bicycle Upright
Solution: Kickstand

Question: Edge Of A Balmy Air Mass In Meteorological Terms
Solution: Warm front

Question: Fruit That Represents Hospitality
Solution: Pineapple

Question: Fruit That Symbolizes Hospitality
Solution: Pineapple

Question: Goodfellas Main Character
Solution: Henry hill

Question: Hairy Addams Family Member Related To Gomez
Solution: Cousin itt

Question: Institutions Created To Study Train In Certain Field
Solution: Academies

Question: Italian Revolutionary Who Unified His Country
Solution: Garibaldi

Question: Lucys Insult To Charlie Brown
Solution: Blockhead

Question: Open Beach Vehicle With A Motor
Solution: Dune buggy

Question: Open Motorized Beach Vehicle
Solution: Dune buggy

Question: Putting Fluids Into A Body Using A Syringe
Solution: Injecting

Question: Star Gazer
Solution: Telescope

Question: Tough Measures Introduced To Stop Crime
Solution: Crackdown

Question: Two Step Spanish Dance
Solution: Pasodoble

Question: Using Chemicals To Make Something Whiter
Solution: Bleaching

Question: Wet Weather Accessories Used To Block The Rain
Solution: Umbrellas

Question: Wet Weather Accessories You Put Above Your Head
Solution: Umbrellas

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