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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Celebration Eg The Period Before Lent
Solution: Carnival

Question: A Person Who Pleads On Another Persons Behalf
Solution: Advocate

Question: British Finnish German Greek Italian Etc
Solution: European

Question: Cabinets That Contain Frozen Food
Solution: Freezers

Question: Cenozoic Period When Mammals Evolved
Solution: Tertiary

Question: Daisy Gatsbys Great Love
Solution: Buchanan

Question: Haitian Dictators Known As Papa Doc And Baby Doc
Solution: Duvalier

Question: Hinged Device Used In Pelvic Examinations
Solution: Speculum

Question: Hollywood Siblings Patricia And David
Solution: Arquette

Question: Month When The Holiday Of Chanukah Usually Occurs
Solution: December

Question: Of Or Relating To Rams
Solution: Arietine

Question: Peace Agreements
Solution: Treaties

Question: Pet Klaus Is This Animal In American Dad
Solution: Goldfish

Question: Put Together From Parts
Solution: Assemble

Question: River That Flows Through The Grand Canyon
Solution: Colorado

Question: Rooms That Store Meat At Very Low Temperatures
Solution: Freezers

Question: Seafood Typically Used For Coquilles St Jacques
Solution: Scallops

Question: Went Past The Intended Stopping Point
Solution: Overshot

Question: Where Earrings Are Attached
Solution: Earlobes

Question: Quickly Landlady Of The Boars Head Tavern
Solution: Mistress

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