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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Midriff Exposing Shirt
Solution: Croptop

Question: Act Of Falsifying A Document
Solution: Forgery

Question: Bivalves Rumored To Be An Aphrodisiac
Solution: Oysters

Question: Cincinnati NFL Team
Solution: Bengals

Question: Cooked On A Rack Over Fire
Solution: Grilled

Question: He Bathed Himself In The Flame Of Pytar
Solution: Despero

Question: Hewlett Is An American Computer Company
Solution: Packard

Question: His Final Sherlock Tale Before His Retirement
Solution: Last bow

Question: Hopes Anagram Of Praises
Solution: Aspires

Question: Insect Resin Used In Varnishes And Early LPs
Solution: Shellac

Question: Lack Of Oxygen In The Blood Holding Your Breath
Solution: Hypoxic

Question: Large Frozen Masses That Are Starting To Melt
Solution: Ice caps

Question: Mass Of Tissue That Can Affect Breathing In Children
Solution: Adenoid

Question: Natalie Portman Is An American And Citizen
Solution: Israeli

Question: Placed At Front Entrance To Wipe Your Feet
Solution: Doormat

Question: Portable Disc Player Of The 80s By Sony
Solution: Discman

Question: Protein Found In Claws Hair And Hooves
Solution: Keratin

Question: Southeast Asian Sea East Of Bay Of Bengal
Solution: Andaman

Question: The Big Epic Western Film With Gregory Peck
Solution: Country

Question: Tove Finnish Writer Who Created The Moomins
Solution: Jansson

Question: Use These Colored Sticks To Draw Like Chalks
Solution: Pastels

Question: Wedded
Solution: Married

Question: Whole Number
Solution: Integer

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