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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Photo Or Picture That Is Behind Glass
Solution: Framed

Question: Beer Maker
Solution: Brewer

Question: Blades That Keep Your Windscreen Clear And Clean
Solution: Wipers

Question: Bugsy Prohibition Era Drama With Splurge Guns
Solution: Malone

Question: Capital Of Angola
Solution: Luanda

Question: Discarded Left On The Side Of The Road
Solution: Dumped

Question: Draw Roughly
Solution: Sketch

Question: Equipment With Rungs For Climbing Up Or Down
Solution: Ladder

Question: George HW Bushs Vice President
Solution: Quayle

Question: Legal Is Money That Is Acceptable For Use
Solution: Tender

Question: Lymphoid Organ Where T Cells Mature
Solution: Thymus

Question: Metamorphic Rock That Breaks Into Layers
Solution: Schist

Question: Official Languages Of Cameroon English And
Solution: French

Question: Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Actor Keitel
Solution: Harvey

Question: Scotch
Solution: Whisky

Question: The Roux Used To Make Bechamel Sauce Flour And
Solution: Butter

Question: To Admire Or Respect Someone
Solution: Esteem

Question: Tree Used To Make Battle Shields In The Past
Solution: Poplar

Question: Two Point Score In Football
Solution: Safety

Question: Ulcerous Animal Disease Of Horses And Rabbits Etc
Solution: Canker

Question: Where Emails Go While They Are Being Sent
Solution: Outbox

Question: Where The Wild Things Are Author
Solution: Sendak

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