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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1912 Play On Which My Fair Lady Was Based
Solution: Pygmalion

Question: Acquittal Vindication Exoneration
Solution: Notguilty

Question: Awards Given As Special Honor
Solution: Accolades

Question: Awards Given As Special Privelege
Solution: Accolades

Question: Christmas Plant To Kiss Under
Solution: Mistletoe

Question: Court Replacement
Solution: Alternate

Question: Equation With Highest Power Of 2 Sounds Square
Solution: Quadratic

Question: German Dog With Short Legs A Sausage Dog
Solution: Dachshund

Question: Hair Removal Method For Eyebrows
Solution: Threading

Question: Hollys Surname In Breakfast At Tiffanys
Solution: Golightly

Question: Italian Cocktail Of Campari Sweet Vermouth
Solution: Americano

Question: Large Indian City With Charminar Mosque
Solution: Hyderabad

Question: London Borough That Lies On The Prime Meridian
Solution: Greenwich

Question: Material Removed From Top Of Liquids
Solution: Skimmings

Question: Name For Study Of Mammary Glands
Solution: Mastology

Question: No Longer Feeling Close Or Affectioniate With Another
Solution: Estranged

Question: Open Choice Of Technique Or Genre
Solution: Freestyle

Question: Scandal Leading To President Nixons Resignation
Solution: Watergate

Question: Swing Dance Style Or A Person Who Dances Swing
Solution: Jitterbug

Question: Type Of Dog Featured In Taco Bell TV Commercials
Solution: Chihuahua

Question: US Country Music Named After Kentucky Vegetation
Solution: Bluegrass

Question: US Swimmer With Nine Olympic Golds To His Name
Solution: Mark spitz

Question: Warm Space On A Living Room Wall With A Mantel
Solution: Fireplace

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