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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1971 Bond Film Diamonds Are
Solution: Forever

Question: A Songs Chorus Or To Abstain From Doing Something
Solution: Refrain

Question: Adult Male Chicken
Solution: Rooster

Question: Balkan Nation Invaded By Italy In WWII
Solution: Albania

Question: Craft Tool For Firing Adhesive Into Place
Solution: Glue gun

Question: Dramatic And Very Ornate Art Style In 17th Century
Solution: Baroque

Question: Exalted State Of Joy
Solution: Elation

Question: Fancy Strips Of Cloth Laid Along A Festive Table
Solution: Runners

Question: French Jewelry Maker And Luxury Watch Brand
Solution: Cartier

Question: Gap In The Ring System Of Saturn And Also A Probe
Solution: Cassini

Question: Least Rapid Not The Quickest
Solution: Slowest

Question: Magazine That Notes Top 500 Companies
Solution: Fortune

Question: Medical Term For The Study Of Disorders Of The Ear
Solution: Otology

Question: Reddish Toxic Liquid Element Used In Dyes
Solution: Bromine

Question: Saved From Peril
Solution: Rescued

Question: Section Of Horses Leg Between Hoof And Fetlock
Solution: Pastern

Question: Ship Swallowing Triangle In The Atlantic Ocean
Solution: Bermuda

Question: Slang For Helicopter
Solution: Chopper

Question: The Table Where You Pay For Your Goods In A Shop
Solution: Counter

Question: To Put Something On Food As A Decoration
Solution: Garnish

Question: To Release From Obligation To Set Free
Solution: Absolve

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