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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Deep Fried Ball Of Cornmeal
Solution: Hushpuppy

Question: Descending A Building By Rope
Solution: Abseiling

Question: Fab Four Werent Jay Walking On This Albums Cover
Solution: Abbey road

Question: Halloween Figures Made Of Bone
Solution: Skeletons

Question: Home Of The Fighting Irish
Solution: Notre dame

Question: Microscopic Life Form Meaning Little Rod
Solution: Bacterium

Question: Opposite To Smoothness
Solution: Roughness

Question: Organization Founded By Julian Assange
Solution: Wikileaks

Question: Piece Of Textile Used For Cleaning Furniture
Solution: Dustcloth

Question: Reductions In Price Savings
Solution: Discounts

Question: The Scientific Study Of Rocks
Solution: Petrology

Question: Washed Hair
Solution: Shampooed

Question: When Its Your Decision The Ball Is In Here
Solution: Your court

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