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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 1986 James Cameron Sci Fi Sequel
Solution: Aliens

Question: A Play By Shakespeare Or A Tiny Village
Solution: Hamlet

Question: Brownish Red Color From The French For Chestnut
Solution: Maroon

Question: Christian Church Of Egypt
Solution: Coptic

Question: French Missile Used By Argentines In Falklands War
Solution: Exocet

Question: Friend Of Asterix The Gaul
Solution: Obelix

Question: George American Broadway Producer Director
Solution: Abbott

Question: Glenn US Bandleader Of Moonlight Serenade
Solution: Miller

Question: Googles Web Browser
Solution: Chrome

Question: Holiday When Greeks Often Bake Koulourakia
Solution: Easter

Question: Inappropriate Staring
Solution: Ogling

Question: Kindle Is All About These
Solution: Ebooks

Question: Mexican Victory Celebrated On May 5 Battle Of
Solution: Puebla

Question: Morihei Ueshibas Harmonious Spirit Martial Art
Solution: Aikido

Question: Mother Superior Of The Convent
Solution: Abbess

Question: Obscure Supernatural Secret Things
Solution: Occult

Question: Portuguese Is This South American Countrys Tongue
Solution: Brazil

Question: Pumped Or Spouted Out Eg Fumes
Solution: Spewed

Question: Sentencers
Solution: Judges

Question: Soft Headrest For Sleeping
Solution: Pillow

Question: Soviet Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo The Red
Solution: Ripper

Question: The Three Men In A Boat Rowed This River
Solution: Thames

Question: The Fastener On A Belt
Solution: Buckle

Question: Type Of Paper That Acids Turn Red
Solution: Litmus

Question: Words To Be Sung
Solution: Lyrics

Question: Diaries Hoax Was Discovered In The 1980s
Solution: Hitler

Question: Of Life Elton John Composed For The Lion King
Solution: Circle

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