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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Fit Of Laughter
Solution: Giggles

Question: Ancient Roman Magistrates
Solution: Consuls

Question: Arachnids
Solution: Spiders

Question: Biblical King Of Israel Son Of David
Solution: Solomon

Question: Denver NBA Team Named After Gold Not Chicken
Solution: Nuggets

Question: Easily Perceived
Solution: Obvious

Question: First Caliph And Friend To Muhammad
Solution: Abu bakr

Question: Former Currency Of The Netherlands
Solution: Guilder

Question: Hidden Or Little Known
Solution: Obscure

Question: National Bird Of Guatemala Appears On Its Flag
Solution: Quetzal

Question: Nissan Model Named After An American Grassland
Solution: Prairie

Question: Person Whom Police Believe Committed A Crime
Solution: Suspect

Question: Roasted Deer Served As An Alternative To Turkey
Solution: Venison

Question: Robert Actor Director And American Icon
Solution: Redford

Question: Speckled Dotted
Solution: Flecked

Question: Spiral Structure In The Inner Ear
Solution: Cochlea

Question: The Capital Of Michigan
Solution: Lansing

Question: The Giant Version Of This Plant Causes Skin Rashes
Solution: Hogweed

Question: To Inhale And Exhale
Solution: Breathe

Question: Tool For Cutting Plants
Solution: Scythes

Question: True Heir Of Gondor In Lord Of The Rings
Solution: Aragorn

Question: Wheel Of Tarot Card Suggesting Good Luck
Solution: Fortune

Question: Claude French Inventor Of Neon Lighting
Solution: Georges

Question: Behind Following Slowly
Solution: Lagging

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