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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Aretha Renown US Jazz Singer And Musician
Solution: Franklin

Question: Aretha Soul Singer
Solution: Franklin

Question: Bladed Footwear For Traveling In The Arctic
Solution: Ice skate

Question: Cinema Short Showing Current Affairs Events
Solution: Newsreel

Question: Comfortable Living Room Seating
Solution: Armchair

Question: Concurring Not Showing Dissent
Solution: Agreeing

Question: Harold Wilson Quote A Week Is A Long Time In
Solution: Politics

Question: Italian White Wine Also Found In Chile
Solution: Friulano

Question: Name Given To Khmer Rouges Takeover Of Cambodia
Solution: Year zero

Question: Ocean That The Port Of Casablanca Borders
Solution: Atlantic

Question: One Shoe Made For Gliding Across Frozen Water
Solution: Ice skate

Question: Raise These In Surprise On Your Face
Solution: Eyebrows

Question: Rogers And Hammerstein Musical
Solution: Oklahoma

Question: Sliver Of Wood Stuck In Your Finger
Solution: Splinter

Question: Spine Chilling Book Or Film
Solution: Thriller

Question: Sport Where The Heisman Trophy Is Awarded
Solution: Football

Question: The Customer Or Client
Solution: Consumer

Question: Unpaved Street
Solution: Dirt road

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