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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Abundant Mineral Gem Also Used In Electronics
Solution: Quartz

Question: Atlanta MLB Team
Solution: Braves

Question: Eradicated
Solution: Abated

Question: Language Family Of Hungarian And Finnish
Solution: Uralic

Question: Longest Type Of Captured Snake
Solution: Python

Question: Loose Mixture Of Small Stones And Sand
Solution: Gravel

Question: Mixes Seamlessly
Solution: Blends

Question: Plant With Red Root Producing Red Pigment And Dye
Solution: Madder

Question: Queen Of Troy Mother Of Hector And Paris
Solution: Hecuba

Question: Removing Hair Using Hot Sticky Substance
Solution: Waxing

Question: Replicas Of Vehicles Made To Scale
Solution: Models

Question: Stephen King Book And Film About Telekinetic Girl
Solution: Carrie

Question: The Hindu Festival Of Light Is Called
Solution: Diwali

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