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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Antonym Of Softness
Solution: Hardness

Question: Arthur Millers Play About Witchhunts
Solution: Crucible

Question: Elizabeth I As Written In Spensers Faerie Queene
Solution: Gloriana

Question: Famous French Tapestry Business
Solution: Gobelins

Question: Female Plotter In Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Solution: Merteuil

Question: French Dept In Grand Est Name Means Upper Rhine
Solution: Haut rhin

Question: Game Show Where The Answers Are In Question Form
Solution: Jeopardy

Question: Headlines That Dont Quite Ring True
Solution: Fake news

Question: Last Day The Day Of Reckoning
Solution: Doomsday

Question: Machines For Turning Beans Into Coffee
Solution: Grinders

Question: Mainstream Form Of Judaism
Solution: Rabbinic

Question: Past Tense Of Beseech
Solution: Besought

Question: Scare
Solution: Frighten

Question: Shoe Menders
Solution: Cobblers

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