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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Arrangement Of Complex Tasks Like Flow Of Goods
Solution: Logistics

Question: Author Of The Novel Vanity Fair William M
Solution: Thackeray

Question: Charged A President With Misconduct
Solution: Impeached

Question: Colonial Trading Port On Colombian Coast
Solution: Cartagena

Question: Conifers Seed Case Commonly Sprayed Gold Silver
Solution: Pine cones

Question: Director Of The Film Catch Me If You Can
Solution: Spielberg

Question: Dripping Like Rain Water Down A Gutter
Solution: Trickling

Question: Flaming Weapon Used In Ancient Times During Battle
Solution: Greek fire

Question: Incessantly Asking Also A Black And White Mammal
Solution: Badgering

Question: Lack Of Proportion Between Two Sides Parts
Solution: Asymmetry

Question: Lyrical Tunes To Help Babies Fall Asleep
Solution: Lullabies

Question: Messy And Complicated Situation
Solution: Imbroglio

Question: Not Theoretical
Solution: Practical

Question: Organization Of Complex Tasks Like Flow Of Goods
Solution: Logistics

Question: Process In Which A Government Official Is Charged
Solution: Impeached

Question: Prohibition Place For Sale Of Illegal Alcohol
Solution: Speakeasy

Question: Swinging Baseball Pitch Hard To Hit
Solution: Curveball

Question: Tanzanian Park Home To Many Animal Species
Solution: Serengeti

Question: They Work For A Company Full Time
Solution: Employees

Question: To Incriminate Blacken Someones Name
Solution: Implicate

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