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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Cars Shoulder
Solution: Fender

Question: Accommodations Onboard A Cruise Ship
Solution: Cabins

Question: Agreement Treaty Or Settlement
Solution: Accord

Question: Another Word For Thin
Solution: Skinny

Question: Character Raised By Wolves In The Indian Jungle
Solution: Mowgli

Question: Clinical Name For Nearsightedness
Solution: Myopia

Question: Counterfeiters Pretenders
Solution: Fakers

Question: Country Where The Huarache Sandal Originated
Solution: Mexico

Question: Creator Of The Peanuts Comic Strip Charles
Solution: Schulz

Question: Culture Club Former Singers Stage Name Boy
Solution: George

Question: Did A Noise Like An Owl
Solution: Hooted

Question: Direct Kick Awarded To Offensive Team In Soccer
Solution: Corner

Question: Family Guy Diabolical Toddler
Solution: Stewie

Question: Grainy Intrusive Rock Named After Tuscan Village
Solution: Gabbro

Question: Mexican Caramel Sauce Made From Goats Milk
Solution: Cajeta

Question: Optimistic Positive Buoyant
Solution: Upbeat

Question: Renaissance Religious Artist A 1980s Space Probe
Solution: Giotto

Question: Room In A Church Where Vestments Are Kept
Solution: Vestry

Question: The Act Of Putting Seeds Into The Soil
Solution: Sowing

Question: Thin
Solution: Skinny

Question: Tiny Islands
Solution: Islets

Question: To Boost Morale
Solution: Uplift

Question: To Have Put A Bad Spell On Someone
Solution: Cursed

Question: What Italians Call Turin
Solution: Torino

Question: Clause Lawful Reason To Break A Contract
Solution: Get out

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