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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Native Of The Capital Of France
Solution: Parisian

Question: A Plane Suddenly Plunging Steeply Downwards
Solution: Nosedive

Question: Antagonists Of Heroes
Solution: Villains

Question: Baddies
Solution: Villains

Question: Deceptive Talk To Swindle
Solution: Flimflam

Question: Emile Zola Story Of Mining Wages And Conditions
Solution: Germinal

Question: Flesh Means Your Kith And Kin
Solution: And blood

Question: German City With An Annual Wagner Music Festival
Solution: Bayreuth

Question: Herbes De South France Dried Herb Mix
Solution: Provence

Question: How A Sharp Pain Is Described
Solution: Stabbing

Question: Husband And Wife Romantic Poets Robert Elizabeth
Solution: Browning

Question: Kent The TV News Anchor On The Simpsons
Solution: Brockman

Question: Moving Wings To Fly
Solution: Flapping

Question: Not Clearly Visible
Solution: Obscured

Question: Publication Of Religious Songs
Solution: Hymn book

Question: South African Dessert Milk Tart In Afrikaans
Solution: Melktert

Question: Swedish Botanist Devised Classification System
Solution: Linnaeus

Question: The Surface At The Bottom Of A Stream Etc
Solution: River bed

Question: Unjust Or Unfair
Solution: Wrongful

Question: Rush Won An Oscar For His Performance In Shine
Solution: Geoffrey

Question: Steel Best Selling Fiction Author Of The Gift
Solution: Danielle

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