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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Place Of Religious Retreat In South Asia
Solution: Ashram

Question: Ally US Legal TV Show With Calista Flockhart
Solution: Mcbeal

Question: Damp Mold
Solution: Mildew

Question: Goat Island Off Italys Tuscany Coast
Solution: Giglio

Question: He Gained Fame On TV As The Naked Chef Jamie
Solution: Oliver

Question: Impervious To Light Not Transparent
Solution: Opaque

Question: Island Of Napoleons Death Saint
Solution: Helena

Question: Mickey Broadway And Movie Actor Died 2014
Solution: Rooney

Question: Mikhail Regarded As Father Of Russian Music
Solution: Glinka

Question: Risk Speculate Bet
Solution: Gamble

Question: Russian Wheeled Vehicle Pulled By Three Horses
Solution: Troika

Question: Seal Set Into A Ring
Solution: Signet

Question: Spiritual Retreat Indian Culture
Solution: Ashram

Question: Unpleasant Repulsive
Solution: Odious

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