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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Common Language For North India And Pakistan
Solution: Hindavi

Question: Daenerys Mother Of
Solution: Dragons

Question: First Patriarch Of The Jewish People
Solution: Abraham

Question: Gymnastic Ability To Balance Run And Lift
Solution: Agility

Question: Item Of Clothing
Solution: Garment

Question: Large Chinese Fighting Dog With Wrinkles
Solution: Shar pei

Question: Musical Wobble Or Tremor
Solution: Vibrato

Question: Parliament Of The Isle Of Man
Solution: Tynwald

Question: Saliva
Solution: Spittle

Question: Shorten By Removing Words Without Altering Meaning
Solution: Abridge

Question: Skin Sore Containing Fluid Caused By Friction
Solution: Blister

Question: Spielberg 2012 Movie Honoring A President
Solution: Lincoln

Question: The Trait Of Being Truthful And Fair
Solution: Honesty

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