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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Android OS Version Like A Chocolate Wafer Biscuit
Solution: Kitkat

Question: Author Of La Comedie Humaine
Solution: Balzac

Question: Contracted Pupils
Solution: Miosis

Question: Cut Into Fine Slivers With A Knife
Solution: Sliced

Question: Danish Unit Of Currency Not The Euro
Solution: Kroner

Question: Famous Chilean Female Author First Name
Solution: Isabel

Question: Game Like Hockey Played In Scotland
Solution: Shinty

Question: Groups Of Singers Led By Conductors
Solution: Choirs

Question: Henry Winklers Nickname In Happy Days
Solution: Fonzie

Question: Long Musical Notes Equivalent To A Double Note
Solution: Breves

Question: Mocking Jibes
Solution: Taunts

Question: Opposite Of Alkaline
Solution: Acidic

Question: Small Hopping Desert Animal With Large Ears
Solution: Jerboa

Question: Stolen Unlawfully Obtained
Solution: Nicked

Question: Strategy In War Or Business
Solution: Tactic

Question: Surname Of President Who Decreed Mothers Day
Solution: Wilson

Question: The Buddhist Wheel Of Life Has Eight Of These
Solution: Spokes

Question: The Boatswain Of Captain Hook In Peter Pan
Solution: Mr smee

Question: Vehicle For Scooping Out Holes In The Road
Solution: Digger

Question: Floor Body Part Often Weaker After Childbirth
Solution: Pelvic

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