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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Live From New York Its Night
Solution: Saturday

Question: Car Safety Feature
Solution: Seatbelt

Question: Christian Song And Salutation Means Hail Mary
Solution: Ave maria

Question: Circus Trick Of Tossing And Catching Objects
Solution: Juggling

Question: City That Has The Largest Shopping Mall In Canada
Solution: Edmonton

Question: Founder Of The Xin Dynasty
Solution: Wang mang

Question: Insect Eating Relative Of The Hyena
Solution: Aardwolf

Question: Lagoon Off The Coast Of NZs Chatham Island
Solution: Te whanga

Question: Restarted
Solution: Rebooted

Question: Shylock Shakespeare Character In The Of Venice
Solution: Merchant

Question: Sightless Condition Blizzard
Solution: Whiteout

Question: Slang For A Convict
Solution: Jailbird

Question: Small Easily Peelable Orange Eaten At Christmas
Solution: Mandarin

Question: Snacks Logo Has A Man With Bowtie
Solution: Pringles

Question: Snacks Logo Has A Mustachioed Man With Bowtie
Solution: Pringles

Question: Soldier Anagram Of Inflamer
Solution: Rifleman

Question: Sweet Herbal Liqueur Used In A Harvey Wallbanger
Solution: Galliano

Question: The Study Of Cells
Solution: Cytology

Question: Unerupted Tooth Thats Difficult To Remove
Solution: Impacted

Question: Winnie The Pooh And The Day 1968 Oscar Winner
Solution: Blustery

Question: Yellow Bellied
Solution: Cowardly

Question: Way Pacino And Penn Star In Puerto Rica Film
Solution: Carlitos

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