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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Acts Of Political Violence For A Stated Aim
Solution: Terrorism

Question: Believes In Introducing Reforms Gradually
Solution: Fabianist

Question: Catch An Impossible Situation
Solution: Twenty two

Question: Country Where Mass Murderer Martin Bryant Was Born
Solution: Australia

Question: Devices To Ease Your Foot Into Footwear
Solution: Shoehorns

Question: Emergency Vehicle For Transporting The Sick
Solution: Ambulance

Question: English Translation Of Champignons
Solution: Mushrooms

Question: Erytophobia Is The Fear Of These
Solution: Redlights

Question: Everests Environment
Solution: Himalayas

Question: Hunter Who Fell In Love With His Own Reflection
Solution: Narcissus

Question: Itinerant Singer Of Songs A Minstrel
Solution: Balladeer

Question: Large Animals Deployed In The Pyrrhic Wars
Solution: Elephants

Question: Large Animals Deployed In The Second Punic War
Solution: Elephants

Question: Maslow Created A Sociological Of Needs
Solution: Hierarchy

Question: Organisms And Their Environment
Solution: Ecosystem

Question: Pub Fixture Target For Throwing Arrows At
Solution: Dartboard

Question: Robert Langdon Field Study Of Religious
Solution: Symbology

Question: Spiral Kitchen Tool For Opening Bottles
Solution: Corkscrew

Question: Swallowing Absorbing
Solution: Ingesting

Question: The Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur The Day Of
Solution: Atonement

Question: The Most Probable
Solution: Likeliest

Question: The Teams That Are Considered Least Likely To Win
Solution: Underdogs

Question: Without Any Stress
Solution: Worry free

Question: You Type On These
Solution: Keyboards

Question: Young Frankenstein Director
Solution: Melbrooks

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