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Codycross Library Answers

Question: All In One Fun Fashion Piece With Shorts
Solution: Playsuit

Question: Another Word For The Pick Used To Pluck A Guitar
Solution: Plectrum

Question: Assassinated British Prime Minister Spencer
Solution: Perceval

Question: Building And Equipment For Processing Something
Solution: Refinery

Question: Castel Former Summer Residence Of The Pope
Solution: Gandolfo

Question: Describes A Football Forward Or Warrior In Battle
Solution: Attacker

Question: Describes A Warrior In Battle
Solution: Attacker

Question: Donald Campbells World Beating Car And Boat
Solution: Bluebird

Question: Engrave A Message
Solution: Inscribe

Question: Glows Outwardly Gives Off Heat
Solution: Radiates

Question: Group That Contains Humans And Great Apes
Solution: Hominids

Question: Heathrow Charles De Gaulle Shanghai Pudong Etc
Solution: Airports

Question: Herby Mixture Cooked Inside Roast Turkey
Solution: Stuffing

Question: Labyrinth Creator Father Of Icarus
Solution: Daedalus

Question: Laverne In Laverne And Shirley Penny
Solution: Marshall

Question: Leaves In The Breeze
Solution: Rustling

Question: Original Name Of He Who Became Gaius Julius Caesar
Solution: Octavian

Question: Small Active Feisty Dogs Eg Yorkshire Cairn
Solution: Terriers

Question: Swiss Ski Resort Popular With British Royalty
Solution: Klosters

Question: Tesla Motors CEO
Solution: Elon musk

Question: The Cat Wears A Big Grin
Solution: Cheshire

Question: Word Of French Origin Meaning Generosity
Solution: Largesse

Question: Act Measures To Improve Atmosphere Quality
Solution: Clean air

Question: Franklin First American And Founding Father
Solution: Benjamin

Question: Rodriquez The Slowest Mouse In All Of Mexico
Solution: Slowpoke

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