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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Actress Who Starred In Sleepless In Seattle
Solution: Meg ryan

Question: Avoiding Deliberately Trying To Hide
Solution: Evading

Question: Drawing Little Spots All Over Something
Solution: Dotting

Question: Fair This Act Ended Biased Renting Practices
Solution: Housing

Question: Fibrous Dark Green Mineral From Hornblende Group
Solution: Uralite

Question: Heavy Sphere Throw Olympic Sport
Solution: Shot put

Question: Male Lead In Lolita They Named Him Twice
Solution: Humbert

Question: New Jersey Company Owns Oreo Brand
Solution: Nabisco

Question: Part Of Microsoft Office An Email Program
Solution: Outlook

Question: Price Of A Taxi Ride
Solution: Cab fare

Question: Swollen Puffed Up Or Excessively Conceited
Solution: Bloated

Question: To Make Rhythms Percussion With Your Mouth Voice
Solution: Beatbox

Question: Valentine Anagram Of Married
Solution: Admirer

Question: Where You Might Dip A Quill
Solution: Inkwell

Question: Spears Me Against The Music Ft Madonna
Solution: Britney

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