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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Wizard With Magical Powers
Solution: Sorcerer

Question: Adhering
Solution: Sticking

Question: An Combustion Engine Powers A Motor Car
Solution: Internal

Question: Broth Stock
Solution: Bouillon

Question: Captain Corellis Greek Wartime Saga
Solution: Mandolin

Question: Chefs Work In These
Solution: Kitchens

Question: Clearing Obstacles In A Race
Solution: Hurdling

Question: Cold Current Discovered By German Explorer
Solution: Humboldt

Question: Fine Gauzy Fabric Like A Cobweb
Solution: Gossamer

Question: First Coins Were Made From This Gold Silver Alloy
Solution: Electrum

Question: Fruit Filled Toaster Snacks
Solution: Pop tarts

Question: George Gershwin Composition In Blue
Solution: Rhapsody

Question: Gluing
Solution: Sticking

Question: It Burns Bright
Solution: Filament

Question: It Wasnt On Purpose
Solution: Accident

Question: Nationality Of Peace Prize Winner Kofi Annan
Solution: Ghanaian

Question: Person Who Encourages Others To Rebel Or Protest
Solution: Agitator

Question: Richard Actor Tackled The Shark In Jaws
Solution: Dreyfuss

Question: Selma Swedish Writer And Nobel Laureate
Solution: Lagerlof

Question: Starts At Lake Tana Aka River Gihon
Solution: Blue nile

Question: The Waltons Lived In What State
Solution: Virginia

Question: Thoroughly Soak
Solution: Saturate

Question: World Aldous Huxleys Dystopian Fable
Solution: Brave new

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