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Codycross Library Answers

Question: BBC TV Spy Drama That Was Retitled MI 5 In The US
Solution: Spooks

Question: Cleans Abrasively
Solution: Scours

Question: Cutting Piercing With Teeth
Solution: Biting

Question: Dr Susan Robopsychologist In Asimovs Universe
Solution: Calvin

Question: First Name Of British Composer Britten
Solution: Edward

Question: First Successful Human Mission To The Moon 11
Solution: Apollo

Question: Inherited Red Blood Cell Disorder Sickle Cell
Solution: Anemia

Question: Leave A Job Hand In Notice
Solution: Resign

Question: Lee Harvey Kennedys Killer Killed Soon After
Solution: Oswald

Question: Moving In A Circular Motion
Solution: Gyrate

Question: Order Of Crustaceans Can Live On Land Or In Water
Solution: Isopod

Question: The Love Bug Was The First Movie In 1968
Solution: Herbie

Question: The Back Of An Animals Neck
Solution: Scruff

Question: The Game Pong Was Created By Allan In 1972
Solution: Alcorn

Question: We Speak And Eat With Them
Solution: Mouths

Question: West Coast French Department Same As The River
Solution: Vendée

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