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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Triangle With Two Equal Sides
Solution: Isosceles

Question: A Triangle With Two Equal Sides And Angles
Solution: Isosceles

Question: Englands Last Tudor Monarch I
Solution: Elizabeth

Question: Faithful Gentleman Of Verona Who Weds Silvia
Solution: Valentine

Question: HMS Captain Cooks Ship From 1763 1767
Solution: Grenville

Question: In Ones Sane And Capable Of Making Decisions
Solution: Right mind

Question: Largest City In Alaska
Solution: Anchorage

Question: Metal Jazz Wind Instrument With Keys
Solution: Saxophone

Question: Poisonous Mushroom Likened To Heavenly Flyers
Solution: Angel wing

Question: Software Company Which Dropped Its Paper Clip Icon
Solution: Microsoft

Question: State Of Being Unknown Or Inconspicuous
Solution: Obscurity

Question: Syrup Made From Pomegranates
Solution: Grenadine

Question: Volcanic National Park On Lanzarote
Solution: Timanfaya

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