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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Angelique German No 1 Tennis Star In 2016
Solution: Kerber

Question: August Birthstone Of Octahedral Crystals
Solution: Spinel

Question: Battle That Featured In A Bridge Too Far
Solution: Arnhem

Question: Jewish Memorial Service Held On Certain Holidays
Solution: Yizkor

Question: Longest River In South America
Solution: Amazon

Question: Minor Roads Or Paths Not Major Routes
Solution: Byways

Question: Outer Coat To Keep You Warm
Solution: Jacket

Question: Spanish Party
Solution: Fiesta

Question: Spanish Saints Day Or Feast
Solution: Fiesta

Question: This Harry Potter Character Hatched Norbert
Solution: Hagrid

Question: To Save From Danger
Solution: Rescue

Question: Vegetables Including Pumpkins And Squashes
Solution: Gourds

Question: William Harry Or Edward To Name A Few
Solution: Prince

Question: Yogi Bears Friend
Solution: Boo boo

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