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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Photo On Film View It On A Light Box
Solution: Negative

Question: An Indefinite Series Endless
Solution: Infinite

Question: Butterfly Subfamily Referred To As The Whites
Solution: Pierinae

Question: Comedian Jerry
Solution: Seinfeld

Question: Eroded Rock Formations Found In South Dakota
Solution: Badlands

Question: Explaining The Meaning Of Something
Solution: Defining

Question: For Insects Act Of Hatching From An Egg
Solution: Eclosion

Question: London Skyscraper Sounds Like A Piece Of Glass
Solution: The shard

Question: Person Who Enforces The Rules During Sports Games
Solution: Official

Question: Principal Democratic Assembly Of Ancient Athens
Solution: Ekklesia

Question: Purposeful Determined
Solution: Resolute

Question: Shapes With Eight Sides
Solution: Octagons

Question: Small Round Sweet Cough Lozenge
Solution: Pastille

Question: Someone Who Recently Got Married
Solution: Newlywed

Question: The Meryl Streep As The British Prime Minister
Solution: Iron lady

Question: Trimming The Edges Of A Photograph
Solution: Cropping

Question: Ball Heavy Ball For Training
Solution: Medicine

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