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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Fatwa Was Issued For This Author In Late 80s
Solution: Rushdie

Question: Comedian And Talk Show Host Hall
Solution: Arsenio

Question: Dishing Out Food And Drinks
Solution: Serving

Question: In Metaphysics An Actual Being Or Existence
Solution: Reality

Question: Melodic
Solution: Tuneful

Question: Not Solid Or Liquid
Solution: Gaseous

Question: Partially Shaved Hair As Worn By A Monk
Solution: Tonsure

Question: Place Where Young Plants Are Kept For Sale
Solution: Nursery

Question: Professional Horse Riders
Solution: Jockeys

Question: Risked Speculated Bet On Something
Solution: Gambled

Question: Siberian River That Is Tributary Of The Lena River
Solution: Olyokma

Question: Standing Closet For Clothes Wardrobe
Solution: Armoire

Question: The Tenth Month In Julian And Gregorian Calendars
Solution: October

Question: Kandinsky Russian Abstract Artist
Solution: Wassily

Question: Salander From The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Solution: Lisbeth

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