Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 180 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Birds Do This When Seasons Change South Or North
Solution: Migrate

Question: Causing Or Apt To Being Frightened
Solution: Fearful

Question: Cows Or Horses Eating Grass In Fields
Solution: Grazing

Question: Cranky Actor Lou Grant On Mary Tyler Moore Show
Solution: Ed asner

Question: Deviation From The Rule Form Arrangement
Solution: Anomaly

Question: Feeling After Big Meal During Menstruation
Solution: Bloated

Question: Financial Rescue Ie Government To Banks
Solution: Bailout

Question: Lee Hispanic Golfer Who Got His Own Video Game
Solution: Trevino

Question: Morally Offensive
Solution: Obscene

Question: Mountainous Wine Region Near Adriatic Sea
Solution: Abruzzi

Question: Muddy Almost Level Bed Of A Dried Lake
Solution: Mudflat

Question: Person Whose Working Tools Can Be A Broom Or A Mop
Solution: Cleaner

Question: Response Provided After Questions On Social Media
Solution: Comment

Question: Soaks Up Liquid
Solution: Absorbs

Question: The Month In Which A New Year Starts
Solution: January

Question: Yellow Is A Color
Solution: Primary

Question: You May Feel This Way After A Big Meal
Solution: Bloated

Question: General French Political System Pre 1789
Solution: Estates

Question: Impossible Rogue Nation 2015 Movie
Solution: Mission

Question: And Yellow Chubs Look Exactly Alike
Solution: Bermuda

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