Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 181 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1790 French Fairy Tale And The Beast
Solution: Beauty

Question: A Person Who Makes Custom Fitted Clothes
Solution: Tailor

Question: African Fighting Bracelet Larim
Solution: Nyepel

Question: Airplane Inventors Orville And Wilbur
Solution: Wright

Question: Another Word For The Fall Season
Solution: Autumn

Question: Austrian Pastry Roll That Looks Like A Crown
Solution: Kaiser

Question: Birthday Month For Madonna
Solution: August

Question: Bottom Fish That Eats From The Sea Bed
Solution: Feeder

Question: Comma Shaped White Nut Thats Actually A Seed
Solution: Cashew

Question: Flexible Tissue Found Inside Bones
Solution: Marrow

Question: He Flew Too Close To The Sun
Solution: Icarus

Question: Intensely Profoundly
Solution: Deeply

Question: Land Of Pre Columbian Civilizations
Solution: Mexico

Question: Larry Starred In Oil Soap Dallas
Solution: Hagman

Question: Latter Day Saints Position Similar To A Pastor
Solution: Bishop

Question: Living Autopsy Examination Of Tissue Sample
Solution: Biopsy

Question: Medical Condition Of Severe Chest Pains
Solution: Angina

Question: Money Paid For Work Regardless Of Hours
Solution: Salary

Question: Name Of Any Stringed Instrument Of This Family
Solution: Zither

Question: Nearly But Not Quite
Solution: Almost

Question: Official Currency Of Macau
Solution: Pataca

Question: Panel With Numbers On A Telephone Handset
Solution: Keypad

Question: Related To Anything In The Mind Or The Brain
Solution: Mental

Question: Scuba Is Exploring Underwater With Air Tanks
Solution: Diving

Question: Small Wax Item Placed On A Cake For A Party
Solution: Candle

Question: Soft Fatty Tissue Found Inside Bones
Solution: Marrow

Question: The Game 1992 British Irish Japanese Thriller
Solution: Crying

Question: The Night Van Gogh Twinkly Painting
Solution: Starry

Question: To Make Marks By Cutting Carving Or Engraving
Solution: Incise

Question: Dome Famous Geodesic Japanese Stadium
Solution: Nagoya

Question: Bag It Carries Your Portable Computer
Solution: Laptop

Question: Coral Or Hammer Coral
Solution: Anchor

Question: Coral Or Hammer Coral It Has Bright Colors
Solution: Anchor

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