Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 179 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Application That Allows The User To Act
Solution: Widget

Question: Bases Pitchers Nightmare A Slam Prerequisite
Solution: Loaded

Question: Club Scale Worm Live On Sea Cucumbers
Solution: Spined

Question: Cu Malleable Used In Wiring Turns Green
Solution: Copper

Question: Food That Is Prepared According Jewish Law
Solution: Kosher

Question: Former Currency Of Portugal
Solution: Escudo

Question: Generic Term For Chinese Martial Arts
Solution: Kung fu

Question: Latina Star Played By Jennifer Lopez On Screen
Solution: Selena

Question: Lilos Monstrous Looking Friend
Solution: Stitch

Question: Missourian City Known For Its Barbecue Sauce
Solution: Kansas

Question: Mythical Beast That Dances At Chinese New Year
Solution: Dragon

Question: Official Currency Of Morocco
Solution: Dirham

Question: Opening In A Wall To See Out Of
Solution: Window

Question: Out Of Focus
Solution: Blurry

Question: Person With Detailed Knowledge Of A Specific Field
Solution: Savant

Question: Picture The Theme Of Which Are Ships Or The Sea
Solution: Marine

Question: Primitive Brain That Caused Dexters Urges
Solution: Lizard

Question: Proverb Something Said A Lot
Solution: Saying

Question: Secretly Putting Eggs Around The Garden For A Hunt
Solution: Hiding

Question: Sole Woman Of Black Eyed Peas Not Royalty
Solution: Fergie

Question: The Greek Muse Of Astronomy
Solution: Urania

Question: The Road Toyed With Wile E Coyote
Solution: Runner

Question: The Animals That Are People
Solution: Humans

Question: The Names Given To Consumable Products
Solution: Brands

Question: Tropical Parrot Like Birds With Colourful Plumage
Solution: Macaws

Question: United All Frankish Tribes Under One Ruler
Solution: Clovis

Question: Mann German Novelist Who Won The Nobel Prize
Solution: Thomas

Question: Prospekt St Petersburg Road And Book By Gogol
Solution: Nevsky

Question: Duck Bath Time Companion
Solution: Rubber

Question: Duckie Ernies Bath Time Companion
Solution: Rubber

Question: Elysees Parisian Boulevard
Solution: Champs

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