Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 178 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Japanese Warrior Or A Sword
Solution: Samurai

Question: An Abbreviation Turned Into Word Like SCUBA
Solution: Acronym

Question: Authors Son Wrote His Final Work After His Death
Solution: Tolkien

Question: Baroque Musician Who Composed The Four Seasons
Solution: Vivaldi

Question: Besides Hebrew Passages In OT Are Written In
Solution: Aramaic

Question: Chocolate Brand Amusement Park In Pennsylvania
Solution: Hershey

Question: Curved Segment Of A Circle Sphere Not Convex
Solution: Concave

Question: Doctors Without Courageous Relief Group
Solution: Borders

Question: Elastic Toy Armstrong
Solution: Stretch

Question: Electric Cell Used For Energy In Cars Electronics
Solution: Battery

Question: Fluffy Cream Tops Ice Cream Sundae
Solution: Whipped

Question: Item Covering Birds Not Fur Or Skin
Solution: Feather

Question: Military Formation With Offset Positions
Solution: Echelon

Question: Noisy Sound Made By A Donkey
Solution: Braying

Question: One Piece Garment Used By Gymnasts Ballerinas
Solution: Leotard

Question: Orange Yellow Fruit Like A Peach
Solution: Apricot

Question: Princess Love Interest Disneys Aladdin
Solution: Jasmine

Question: Pufferfish Into Balloons When Threatened
Solution: Inflate

Question: Russian Ballerina Who Inspired A Dessert
Solution: Pavlova

Question: Shakespeare Tragedy About Moorish General
Solution: Othello

Question: Sudden Rupture Of A Car Tire
Solution: Blowout

Question: Vivid Green Gem The Birthstone For May
Solution: Emerald

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