Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 177 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Just A Drop In The
Solution: Bucket

Question: Beer Ingredient
Solution: Barley

Question: Bishop Also A Civil Ruler Of Secular Land
Solution: Prince

Question: Chicano Member Of Comedy Duo With Chong
Solution: Cheech

Question: Feeling A Dull Pain
Solution: Aching

Question: Horrified Stunned Astounded
Solution: Aghast

Question: Iranians Most Populous City
Solution: Tehran

Question: Makeup Designed To Cover Skin Blemishes
Solution: Powder

Question: Marie Monthly Health And Beauty Magazine
Solution: Claire

Question: Oak Nuts Fed To Prosciutto Pigs
Solution: Acorns

Question: Orange Bouncy Rubbery Toy For Riding Space
Solution: Hopper

Question: Place With Arranged Plants
Solution: Garden

Question: Repulsively Dirty
Solution: Scuzzy

Question: Sailors Illness Caused By Vitamin C Deficiency
Solution: Scurvy

Question: Scissors Used To Cut Lambs Wool
Solution: Shears

Question: Shakespearean Weaver Who Gains A Donkeys Head
Solution: Bottom

Question: Smacks Roughly
Solution: Clouts

Question: Someone Who Takes You For A Ride Swindler
Solution: Conman

Question: Song By The Beatles While My Gently Weeps
Solution: Guitar

Question: The Bouncing Cats Name In Winnie The Pooh
Solution: Tigger

Question: To See Or Observe
Solution: Behold

Question: Turn On A Computer
Solution: Boot up

Question: Voice Of Jenny In Finding Dory Diane
Solution: Keaton

Question: Municipal Euro 2012 Polish Stadium
Solution: Poznan

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