Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 176 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A 1969 Western Film Starring John Wayne
Solution: True grit

Question: A Place Where Research Or Planning Is Done
Solution: Backroom

Question: Ancient Trade Network Connecting East And West
Solution: Silk road

Question: Bikini Clad Sign Holder At A Combat Sport Event
Solution: Ring girl

Question: Columbus Patron
Solution: Isabella

Question: Dragon Slaying Patron Of England
Solution: St george

Question: Drink Made For Historic 1969 Stroll
Solution: Moonwalk

Question: Eastern African River Starts In Ethiopian Mountains
Solution: Shebelle

Question: Edgar Writer Whose Work Deals With Mystery
Solution: Allan poe

Question: Greek God Of Wine Parties And Theater
Solution: Dionysus

Question: Humming Social News Site
Solution: Buzzfeed

Question: Kazuo British Writer Born In Nagasaki
Solution: Ishiguro

Question: Large Deer Both Male And Female Grow Antlers
Solution: Reindeer

Question: Lawn In The Rear Of A House
Solution: Back yard

Question: Loser Beaten Destroyed
Solution: Defeated

Question: Miami Vice Character Played By Don Johnson
Solution: Crockett

Question: Parisian Site Of Guillotine Deaths Place De La
Solution: Concorde

Question: People Know This State As The Show Me State
Solution: Missouri

Question: Placard Holder In Bikinis At Fighting Events
Solution: Ring girl

Question: Pushchair
Solution: Stroller

Question: Robbing Or Taking Property Without Permission
Solution: Stealing

Question: Science Of Causes Especially Of Disease
Solution: Etiology

Question: Short Knee Length Trousers Worn For Horse Riding
Solution: Breeches

Question: Star Of The 1930 Film The Blue Angel Marlene
Solution: Dietrich

Question: Sturdier More Firmly Fixed
Solution: Steadier

Question: The Bones In Your Body Make Up The
Solution: Skeleton

Question: Trousers Barely Reaching Below The Knees
Solution: Breeches

Question: US Christmas Singing Activity House To House
Solution: Caroling

Question: Was Once United With Czech Republic
Solution: Slovakia

Question: Development TV Show About The Bluth Family
Solution: Arrested

Question: Bag Bedding When Camping
Solution: Sleeping

Question: Dystrophy Disease Causing Tissue Weakening
Solution: Muscular

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