Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 175 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Charm A Concentrated Ingratiating Campaign
Solution: Offensive

Question: Attribute Of A Verb Not Present Or Future
Solution: Past tense

Question: Chemical That Kills Mildew
Solution: Fungicide

Question: Chemical That Kills Mildews Molds And Smuts
Solution: Fungicide

Question: Common Tan Brown Or Reddish Sedimentary Rock
Solution: Sandstone

Question: Densely Populated Province In South East China
Solution: Guangdong

Question: Dinner Of Choice For Lady And The Tramp
Solution: Spaghetti

Question: Dubbed The Land Of 10000 Lakes
Solution: Minnesota

Question: First Course Before Food In Italian
Solution: Antipasto

Question: Heat Proof Gloves For Serving Hot Food
Solution: Oven mitts

Question: Ive Been Standing Here Waiting Mr Postman So
Solution: Patiently

Question: Indian Text On Human Sexual Behaviour
Solution: Kama sutra

Question: Medical Science That Relates To X Rays
Solution: Radiology

Question: Must Be Fastened When The Sign Is Lit On A Plane
Solution: Seatbelts

Question: Olivia De Won An Oscar For The Heiress
Solution: Havilland

Question: Prestigious Writing Pen Brand
Solution: Mont blanc

Question: Residents Inhabitants Of A House
Solution: Occupants

Question: Sardinian Cheese With Live Maggots
Solution: Casu marzu

Question: Sweet Stalk Used In Ethanol Production In Brazil
Solution: Sugarcane

Question: Sweet Vodka Cocktail Named After A Citrus Candy
Solution: Lemon drop

Question: The Akita Is A Dog Breed From The Of Japan
Solution: Mountains

Question: The Calvados Of Colonial America
Solution: Applejack

Question: Weapon Used In Indian Stick Fighting Aka Kerala
Solution: Kaduthala

Question: Week Long Festival In Pamplona Spain
Solution: San fermin

Question: Wooden Toy Becomes Boy Disneys Classic Movie
Solution: Pinocchio

Question: A Fault Is Half Redressed
Solution: Confessed

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