Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 175 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: 1980s 90s Hairstyle Of Parted Fringe Like Drapes
Solution: Curtains

Question: A Pond That Supplies Water For Running A Mill
Solution: Millpond

Question: Altering Appearance Masks On Halloween
Solution: Disguise

Question: Ambiguity In Wording Lessening The Effect Of A Law
Solution: Loophole

Question: Area Known As The Center Of A City
Solution: Downtown

Question: Area Known As The Main Part Of A City In The US
Solution: Downtown

Question: Area Of Science That Looks At Growth
Solution: Auxology

Question: Brutes Vandals
Solution: Ruffians

Question: Buying And Selling Of Goods
Solution: Commerce

Question: Cakes With Little Fat Leavened By Air
Solution: Foam cake

Question: Diagnosis Treatment And Prevention Of Illnesses
Solution: Medicine

Question: East Antarctica Sea Near The West Ice Shelf
Solution: Davis sea

Question: From Here To Movie With Burt Lancaster
Solution: Eternity

Question: Fugu Water Creature
Solution: Blowfish

Question: Italian Form Of The Name Joseph
Solution: Giuseppe

Question: Light Purple Color Plant Of Aromatic Scent
Solution: Lavender

Question: Looking For Martians Study Of Their Planet
Solution: Areology

Question: Massive Snake Known To Swallow Livestock Whole
Solution: Anaconda

Question: Movie With Woody Buzz Mr Potatohead And Others
Solution: Toy story

Question: One Who Believes The Nature Of God Cant Be Known
Solution: Agnostic

Question: Part Of The Face Above The Eyes And Below The Hair
Solution: Forehead

Question: Part Of Winter Hat That Folds Over Hearing Organs
Solution: Earflaps

Question: Pre Lent Celebration
Solution: Carnival

Question: Prompts Triggers Someone To Be Angry
Solution: Provokes

Question: Recreational Form Of Baseball Under Hand Pitches
Solution: Softball

Question: Sea Animal That Looks Like A Star
Solution: Starfish

Question: Soils Are Subject In This Field
Solution: Pedology

Question: Someone Not Quite Religious But A Believer
Solution: Agnostic

Question: Spine
Solution: Backbone

Question: Style Of Decor Relating To Hot Humid Rainforests
Solution: Tropical

Question: The Grand Hotel Movie With Ralph Fiennes
Solution: Budapest

Question: US Activist And Oscar Winner Who Played Louise
Solution: Sarandon

Question: Won 6 Emmys For Portrayal Of Hawkeye Pierce
Solution: Alan alda

Question: World Wide Network Of Computers
Solution: Internet

Question: Airlines US Company Based In Fort Worth
Solution: American

Question: Can Device Used To Give Plants A Daily Soak
Solution: Watering

Question: In Making Yourself At Home Finding Your Feet
Solution: Settling

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