Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 175 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Another Term For Donkey
Solution: Jackass

Question: Cylindrical Oven Used In Middle East Central Asia
Solution: Tandoor

Question: Family High School Anniversary Get Together
Solution: Reunion

Question: How You Carry Your Body Sit Up Straight
Solution: Posture

Question: Interlacing Of Threads To Make Fabric
Solution: Weaving

Question: Land Locked S American Country
Solution: Paraguay

Question: Live Entertainment Capital Of The World
Solution: Branson

Question: Mahsena Has Yellowish Lattice Stripes
Solution: Emperor

Question: Moved Quickly Anagram Of Swedish
Solution: Swished

Question: Oprah Talk Show Host Actress
Solution: Winfrey

Question: Palm Fruit Used In Food And Cosmetics
Solution: Coconut

Question: Performing A Song
Solution: Singing

Question: President That Delivered The Gettysburg Address
Solution: Lincoln

Question: Proclamation That Defined The Japanese Surrender
Solution: Potsdam

Question: Sheldon CEO Of Las Vegas Sands Corp
Solution: Adelson

Question: Sustained Without Quitting Underwent
Solution: Endured

Question: The Child Is The Antichrist In 1976 Film
Solution: The omen

Question: The Kind Of Stone That Gathers No Moss
Solution: Rolling

Question: This Bird Can Run Faster Than A Horse
Solution: Ostrich

Question: Type Of Accordion Used In Russian Folklore Music
Solution: Livenka

Question: Uphill Stretches Of The Tour De France Race
Solution: Ascents

Question: Vouchers For Entry To A Show
Solution: Tickets

Question: The Ocean A Small Unimportant Amount
Solution: A drop in

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