Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 174 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Shout Of Joy Or Of Victory
Solution: Hurrah

Question: Bald Coral Have Large Bulb Tips
Solution: Tipped

Question: Barely Visible Insect Sucks Your Blood At Night
Solution: Bedbug

Question: Beverage Pops The Top Aka Bottle
Solution: Opener

Question: Big Hair Has This
Solution: Volume

Question: By Mouth Spoken
Solution: Orally

Question: Circus Is Over And Audience Is All Gone
Solution: All out

Question: Disney Story Of Anna And Elsa
Solution: Frozen

Question: Distinction Prestige
Solution: Cachet

Question: Expressing Appreciation Gratitude
Solution: Thanks

Question: Feature Film Directorial Debut Was Away From Her
Solution: Polley

Question: Head Cold Cut Made With Meat Jelly
Solution: Cheese

Question: Im Who Are You Then Theres A Pair Of Us
Solution: Nobody

Question: In Language Emphasis On A Particular Syllable
Solution: Stress

Question: Insurance Policies When Due To Payment
Solution: Mature

Question: Lego The Is Based On The Lord Of The Rings
Solution: Hobbit

Question: Lego The Video Game Released In 2014
Solution: Hobbit

Question: Margaret Wrote The Handmaids Tale
Solution: Atwood

Question: Martha She Ushered In The Modern Dance Form
Solution: Graham

Question: Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Of The Road
Solution: Middle

Question: Optical Device First Recorded In Ancient Greece
Solution: Lenses

Question: Person Belonging To A House Of Congress
Solution: Member

Question: Scattered Rubbish Or Waste
Solution: Debris

Question: Sleeping Humperdincks Fairy Tale Opera
Solution: Beauty

Question: Soft White Fibers From Plants Used For Clothes
Solution: Cotton

Question: Synonym Of Dumped
Solution: Thrown

Question: Tech Company One Who Makes Prophetic Predictions
Solution: Oracle

Question: The Devil And Max Contained Profanity
Solution: Devlin

Question: Things Bowlers Pick Up
Solution: Spares

Question: Ticket Valid For Multiple Journeys Over A Period
Solution: Season

Question: West Bank City Cave Of The Patriarchs
Solution: Hebron

Question: Alps Iceman Range Between Austria And Italy
Solution: Otztal

Question: Blahnik Footwear Designer
Solution: Manolo

Question: Dixie TV Show About A Doctor In The Countryside
Solution: Hart of

Question: Hammer Occidental Petroleum Tycoon
Solution: Armand

Question: Kombat Long Running Fantasy Video Game Series
Solution: Mortal

Question: Poker Common Name For Kniphofia Plant
Solution: Red hot

Question: Rice Glutinous Staple For Thai Dishes
Solution: Sticky

Question: A Fool And His Money Are Soon
Solution: Parted

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