Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 174 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Large Room Used For Dancing
Solution: Ballroom

Question: A Maker Of Or Dealer In Optical Items
Solution: Optician

Question: Acting Fiendishly Diabolically
Solution: Devilish

Question: Bridge Favored By Monet Among His Water Lilies
Solution: Japanese

Question: Detective In An Arthur Conan Doyle Book Holmes
Solution: Sherlock

Question: Estadio Monumental David
Solution: Arellano

Question: False Absurd Representation Parody
Solution: Travesty

Question: Improvised Explosive Device Built In A Tube
Solution: Pipe bomb

Question: It One Night Movie With Clark Gable
Solution: Happened

Question: Knitted Jumpers
Solution: Sweaters

Question: Large Space Used For Professional Dance Competitions
Solution: Ballroom

Question: Male Who Takes The Bumps And Bruises For An Actor
Solution: Stuntman

Question: Peacefulness And Calmness Tranquility
Solution: Serenity

Question: Social Conflict Between Police And Criminals
Solution: Standoff

Question: Something That Causes Diseases
Solution: Pathogen

Question: Study Of Types Of Things
Solution: Typology

Question: Sugar People Who Convert Raw Into Edible
Solution: Refiners

Question: Takes The Bumps And Bruises For The Actor
Solution: Stuntman

Question: Travel Book That Is Technically Government Property
Solution: Passport

Question: Water Animal Amusement Park
Solution: Seaworld

Question: When A Babys Primary Teeth Come In
Solution: Teething

Question: Damsel Have Beautiful Bright Colors
Solution: Imitator

Question: Of Confederation First US Government
Solution: Articles

Question: Wrasse Has Irridescent Bright Colors
Solution: Nebulous

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