Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 173 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Bad Word
Solution: Expletive

Question: Bird Usually Grey With Yellow Head Popular Pet
Solution: Cockatiel

Question: Blue 1957 Festive Song By Elvis
Solution: Christmas

Question: Box Shaped Instrument Half Piano Half Bellows
Solution: Accordion

Question: Chain Bridge And Medicinal Baths In Budapest
Solution: Szechenyi

Question: Cocktail With Many Variations Creme De Cacao
Solution: Alexander

Question: Crowdsourced Encyclopedia
Solution: Wikipedia

Question: Edna Teacher On The Simpsons
Solution: Krabappel

Question: Enough Space To Bend An Arm
Solution: Elbow room

Question: Fast Warship Armed With Smaller Guns
Solution: Destroyer

Question: Glasses Wearing Alter Ego Of Superman
Solution: Clark kent

Question: Island Purchased For Small Price
Solution: Manhattan

Question: Main Antagonist In The Harry Potter Series
Solution: Voldemort

Question: Maria Polish Ethnologist On Siberian Shamanism
Solution: Czaplicka

Question: Military Must The Study Of Weapons
Solution: Hoplology

Question: Political Ideology Of A Classless System
Solution: Communism

Question: Scientist Created A Principle On Fluid Behavior
Solution: Bernoulli

Question: The Bridge On The Prison Camp In Burma
Solution: River kwai

Question: These Christians See The Pope As Their Leader
Solution: Catholics

Question: They Live Where The Pyramids Were Built
Solution: Egyptians

Question: Worlds Tallest Creature If Stood On Its Fluke
Solution: Blue whale

Question: Chest Set Of Playing Cards In Monopoly
Solution: Community

Question: Hogfish Has A Yellow Rear With A Black Stripe
Solution: Blackbelt

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