Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 173 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: 1942 Aircraft Carrier Battle In The Pacific
Solution: Coral sea

Question: A Device To Replace Missing Teeth
Solution: Dentures

Question: Barred Has Black Bars On Its Tail
Solution: Flagtail

Question: Building In A Funfair Made To Startle Or Amuse
Solution: Funhouse

Question: Entering A Plane At The Start Of A Trip
Solution: Boarding

Question: Flirtatious Glance
Solution: Oeillade

Question: Greek God Of Dreams
Solution: Morpheus

Question: Group Of Seeds In A Cluster From A Coniferous Tree
Solution: Pine cone

Question: Highly Awarded Judy Garland Offspring
Solution: Minnelli

Question: Ignored Or Neglected
Solution: Forsaken

Question: Information Too Much Data Confusing
Solution: Overload

Question: Italian Fried Cheese Sandwich With Mozzarella
Solution: Carrozza

Question: Language Spoken In The French Polynesia
Solution: Tahitian

Question: Model Paradigm
Solution: Template

Question: Native American River Boat Outdoor Activity
Solution: Canoeing

Question: Philosophy Of Acting For The Good Of Others
Solution: Altruism

Question: Southern Flirt Falls In Love With Simple Man
Solution: Coquette

Question: Staunch And Loyal
Solution: Stalwart

Question: The Forbidden City Was Chinas Palace
Solution: Imperial

Question: The Old Virginias Nickname
Solution: Dominion

Question: The Woman In Insane Asylum In 1948 Movie
Solution: Snake pit

Question: These Lines Will Never Cross
Solution: Parallel

Question: Unit Of Capacity For Spirits 63 Gallons
Solution: Hogshead

Question: Vehicles Used For Racing In Tatooine In Star Wars
Solution: Podracer

Question: Wandering From The Path
Solution: Straying

Question: What You Do When You Go To Therapy
Solution: Analysis

Question: White Ants
Solution: Termites

Question: Dream Film About Hormel Foods Strike
Solution: American

Question: Ford Is Han Solo Indiana Jones And Jack Ryan
Solution: Harrison

Question: Stout Tarry Strong Beer Linked To An Empire
Solution: Imperial

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