Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 173 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A College Is Empty During The Summer
Solution: Campus

Question: Boldly Display Or Parade Yourself
Solution: Flaunt

Question: Clothing
Solution: Attire

Question: Enclosed Freight Car On A Train
Solution: Boxcar

Question: Futuristic Movie Populated By Blue Beings
Solution: Avatar

Question: Hungry Hungry Marble Eating Mammals
Solution: Hippos

Question: Kent State Flashes Play At Dix Stadium
Solution: Golden

Question: Largest Country In The World
Solution: Russia

Question: Luke Skywalkers Mentors Surname
Solution: Kenobi

Question: Mayim Actress With A PhD In Neuroscience
Solution: Bialik

Question: Mr Father Of Lizzy In Pride And Prejudice
Solution: Bennet

Question: Muppet Band The Electric
Solution: Mayhem

Question: Pearl Event That Forced The US To Enter The WWII
Solution: Harbor

Question: Phlegmatic
Solution: Stolid

Question: Plant Fertilizing Powder Loved By Bees
Solution: Pollen

Question: Plant Germinating Powder Loved By Bees
Solution: Pollen

Question: Self Centeredness
Solution: Egoism

Question: Silky Sharks Have Very Skin
Solution: Smooth

Question: Someone Who Peddles Something
Solution: Seller

Question: The Little 1948 Tom Jerry Oscar Winner
Solution: Orphan

Question: The First Day Of The Fifth Month
Solution: May day

Question: Treaty Giving English Kings Claim To French Throne
Solution: Troyes

Question: Trimmed A Tree
Solution: Pruned

Question: Wild Cats With Tufted Ears
Solution: Lynxes

Question: Wound Hurt Damage To Your Body
Solution: Injury

Question: Can Wait Warren Beatty 1978 Comedy
Solution: Heaven

Question: Christi Body Of Christ Christian Festival
Solution: Corpus

Question: Stern Radio Show Host
Solution: Howard

Question: Guard Low Seat For Overflow Audience In Circus
Solution: Cattle

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