Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Rayon Fabric That Sounds Thick
Solution: Viscose

Question: Abominable Is A SHIELD Paranormal Member
Solution: Snowman

Question: Alzheimers Degenerative Brain Condition
Solution: Disease

Question: Alzheimers Degenerative Disease Of The Brain
Solution: Disease

Question: Another Name For Low Fat Ice Cream
Solution: Ice milk

Question: Behind The Second To Last Defender In Soccer
Solution: Offside

Question: Boat Sport Using The Wind To Traverse
Solution: Sailing

Question: Bringing Something To An End Conclusion
Solution: Closure

Question: British Machine Gun Used On The Western Front
Solution: Vickers

Question: Chinese Rings Classic Illusion Trick
Solution: Linking

Question: Deviate Away From The Main Topic
Solution: Digress

Question: Eight Legged Creatures Feared By Many
Solution: Spiders

Question: Eight Sided Shape
Solution: Octagon

Question: Half Sized Flute Made In Italy
Solution: Piccolo

Question: New Place Where Lord Of The Rings Was Shot
Solution: Zealand

Question: Operating A Car
Solution: Driving

Question: PC That Isnt A Laptop
Solution: Desktop

Question: Quito Is The Capital Of
Solution: Ecuador

Question: Self Respect In Speech And Conduct
Solution: Dignity

Question: Simpsons Buff Beer Spokesman
Solution: Duffman

Question: Solvent Molecules Pass Through A Membrane By
Solution: Osmosis

Question: The Sound Classic Film With Singing Nuns
Solution: Of music

Question: The Life Of Henry VIII Post Boleyn Beheading
Solution: Private

Question: The Smallest State In The World
Solution: Vatican

Question: US City Where The Gateway Arch Can Be Found
Solution: St louis

Question: Upscale Fancy Mineral Water Brand
Solution: Perrier

Question: Use To Reply Or Do This On Twitter
Solution: Mention

Question: Web Spider
Solution: Crawler

Question: Western European Country Capital Is Brussels
Solution: Belgium

Question: With Pharisees In The New Testament Opposed Jesus
Solution: Scribes

Question: Yorkshire Artist Of A Bigger Splash
Solution: Hockney

Question: Hebdo Satirical Magazine Attacked In 2015
Solution: Charlie

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